Back in town

After a long time of silence, I am back on the page. In the meantime, I have started reading the Old Testament in Hebrew and Greek simultaneously, noticing the difference between the Masoretic Text and the Greek Septuagint version of the Hebrew text. Furthermore, I am also studying how Greek words used on concepts originating in the Hebrew text have influenced the New Testament.

This is not an attempt of theological interpretation, but an analysis of the connotations of the words used. If this to some may have theological implications, so be it. However, my aim is to follow the method of Antiochene Bible scholars of the second and third century, who tried to understand a text by digging into its language, grammar, and history. In this way I am still in Antioch (or Antakya) although living abroad.

About Antiochene

Writer and translatorliving in Antioch on the Orontes (Antakya, Turkey) and Copenhagen.
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