Back in town

After a hectic spring and early summer, it is nice to be back in Antakya. After too much action, Antakya may seem a little dull, though.

Especially our trip to Damascus was interesting. The bus company had informed us that they were going from Antakya to Damascus and back every day and they had not met with any problems. Friends in Syria informed us that they went to work and back every day without any unpleasant experiences. If we should believe the press all Syria would look like the front in Libya. On the other hand, if you were to believe that what is shown on Turkish television is a true reflection of what is going on here in this country, you would never leave your home.

On the way to Damascus nothing happened. We saw some tanks parked somewhere, but that is not unusual. In Damascus everything was as usual. The only difference to notice was the very limited number of tourists in the streets.

On the way back in bus from Damascus to Aleppo, we met a big group of people on motorcycles demonstrating for or against something or somebody. Some of them carried a picture of a man. It was not clear if it was the president or somebody else.

Fortunately, Antakya is more predictable. Some may call it a dull city, but it is a good place to work.

About Antiochene

Writer and translatorliving in Antioch on the Orontes (Antakya, Turkey) and Copenhagen.
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